Laughter , the best medicine

Things fighting for my attention in WWW :

1. An amazing take on Americans , read this.
2. Makes very good read, on women and more.
3. Funny take on the Tam-Bram naming nomenclature , read this.
This thanksgiving, I am thankful to :

  • The power of God, who helped the most important person in my life recover.
  • The power of the will, in each one of us. Tommorow never dies.Really, it never does.
  • Good health, and FAMILY.Touchwood.
  • Friends. Some things just get better and better :)

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Happy Birthday .....

Looking forward to many more cooking disasters,and cleaning hungamas,irrational hogging sprees ,shopping binges, sisterhood nite-outs and more with you !!!

Happy Birthday !!

A season of birthday posts, as two special people, celebrate back to back birthdays !! Here is to the November 16 Scorpio Costaanji !! Happy 23rd Birthday!!

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Today , just another Friday, when the whole world is off for Veteran's day, and I am packing boxes and moving office floors. But then , I open my inbox, and this totally made my day!!!It is amazing how those little things make so much of a difference to living!!
Seven things you plan to do before you die :

1. Drive a ferrari
2. Live in Australia
3. Own a huge collection of toys
4. Be content being by myself
5. Build a huge house for S and J.
6. Road trip accross the US
7. Live in Tibet for a while

Seven things you can do :

1.Sing till throat hurts
2. Care Deeply
3. Trust Blindly
4. Get hurt like there is no tommorow
5. Cook like crazy
6. Be a good listener
7. Mind read

Seven things you say most :

1.Guss it
2. sollu sollu
3. Apdi podu
4. Nonsense
5. Interesting
6. wogay
7. Ada Paavi

Seven things you can't do:

1.I cant dance for nuts
3.Drink coffee
4.Sit at home all day
5.Stay without communication devices
6.Sleep to heart's content

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:

This question , believe it or not, triggers a biological instinct in me to puke !

Seven celebrity crushes:

1.Dr.Doogie Howser
2.Mark Waugh
3.Sonu Nigam
4.Peter Andre
5.Ricky Martin
6.Rohit Roy
7.Fardeen Khan

Tun-tuna tales....

It did arrive today. The idea of free in-network calling appealed to me, and I was looking forward to it.After a midterm break, I unwrapped it, and checked out the polyphonic ringtones and other features. In a few hours, the number porting would work, and I would have the same number, lots of more free minutes, plus free calling to the people I most often call. This was my idea of the perfect cell phone plan.

But then, it did not work. I could either have the number, or the plan. Not both. I was perplexed. Which brought home another truth. I , as a person, tend to resist change. The idea of giving out new numbers to all my friends and contacts, did not appeal to me. I had a thousand different thoughts running all over my mind. The idea of switching over to a non-local number wasn't too inviting. I tried to think of ways to avert it. Plus, this number had a nostalgic feeling to it... all those calls, all those interviews....

Stop it. I told myself. Change is inevitable. You accept it and move on. Or lose out. Embrace change and get on with it. Welcome to my life, America's largest cellular network !!