How much do we take for granted in life ! The vocal chords for instance.. all those days of shouting,singing etc and I just assumed its a given.

Today in the ER, I had a huge revelation. Thank you God, for giving me soo much. I don't appreciate it nearly enough.

Btw.. never want to go there again, but if I had to, couldn't have asked for a better escort that K-ben. You rock gal !

And, we are six now !

My Chitti thinks I have the most adorable yawn she has ever seen.Wait till she sees my smile. Hey, thats just my job - eating,pooping,sleeping and - well just being adorable. But mostly sleeping. They talk too loud, and whats with the doors they bang? Don't these people know that my tiny ears can't take this ? Oh well, I ll just sqirm a little and make little noises, and then my mommy holds me. It feels like heaven when she holds me close, its familiar. I also like it when I hold my one arm up , my mommy bends over and kisses me.

My daddy stays near me always, too. I don't open my eyes too much, because, you know all these bright lights I cannot take. But every once a while, I see my dad and chitti playing on a silver square thing. I suspect that playing will be a lot of fun with them. My thaatha holds me softly and talks to me. I squint my eyes, I am fascinated by an orange turban he wears. When I am a little older, I will ask him what that shiny crescent in the middle means..

Oh, its time to be cute again and wail a little so my Paati will hold me. Why does everyone want her to leave me inside that crib? I feel so lonely in there. I want to be held by her, she is soo soft and warm and . Oh and btw, I've taken over my chitti's blog. Why does she need to write here anyway? Alright, I am tired and I am going back to sleep. Bye!
A tiny mass. Tumultous sea, raging over and treacherous caverns.The howling hurricane waging ferocious battles with the mighty mountain and the steamy sea. A brilliant sun, canoodling with silver waters.A lone yellow flower , braving the onslaught, standing defiantly, as the tiny mass begins the treacherous, yet exciting descent into the world - a world - strange,unknown and unfound. A world that it alone has the power to create....
In about 45 minutes from now, I am going to watch a Celtics Vs. Cavs. game.


I just had to get this outta my system before I go !!

We - The Rajasthan Royals !

Rajasthan Royals announces Global Fan Community alliance with BITS Pilani International Alumni Association!
The first international fan base by an IPL team is launched!

Jaipur, 30th April 2008: Emerging Media, owners of the Jaipur IPL franchise, Rajasthan Royals announced a first-of-its-kind global fan alliance by signing an exclusive relationship with BITS Pilani International Alumni Association. With this association Rajasthan Royals will induct over 30,000 BITS Pilani Alumni into the Rajasthan Royals support base, providing all members of the community with special offers, free tickets and discounted merchandise of the Rajasthan Royals.

In addition, the Rajasthan Royals will also contribute to the BITSAA community with special articles written by Shane Warne and a charity auction at a later stage. BITS Pilani, the premier engineering and sciences institution is located in Rajasthan, only 5 hours away from Jaipur. Rajasthan Royals is also extending the benefits of this alliance to over 5000 students and members of faculty of BITS Pilani.

Manoj Badale, Chairman of the Rajasthan Royals said, “We are extremely excited about this partnership. BITS-ians worldwide are a fine representation of India, highly educated, well settled and truly global citizens, yet deeply connected by a certain bond they share. With this alliance, we hope to provide them another reason to bond: supporting a fierce team in the Royals.”“BITS Pilani alumni around the world are rooting for Rajasthan Royal’s victory in the IPL tournament. Go Royals!”, said Professor S.P.Kothari, Chairman of BITSAA, who is currently Deputy Dean at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“This is the foundation of what will be a huge community for us in due course. We have a number of initiatives on the anvil, both online and offline for increased interaction between our global members and of course, the Warnie Army has begun to take shape”, said Ravi Krishnan, Vice Chairman of the Rajasthan Royals Commenting on the relationship, Fraser Castellino, CEO of the Rajasthan Royals said, “Of course, the fact that Pilani and Jaipur share a home in Rajasthan was the primary connection between us. This is another first for us and we look forward to support from the BITS-ians.” With Shane Warne being the only international captain of an IPL franchise and a few fine winning performances, the Rajasthan Royals are already attracting fans from all over the world.

"Rajasthan Royals is the natural home team for the global BITS Pilani Alumni because of the memorable times we spent at Pilani, Rajasthan. BITSians all around the world are rooting for Shane Warne and the team", said Ashish Garg, CEO of BITSAA.

As part of this deal BITSians around the world will get:
• 50% discount on all season tickets for all Home Games (Played at Jaipur)
• 20% discount on purchase of 10 or more tickets for specific games (i.e not season tickets).
• Free tickets for home games that BITSAA will raffle to its members for specific promotions
• 50% discount to BITSians who may want to purchase a VIP box for the season
• Special tickets to RR away games like the ones in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata
• Discounts on RR merchandise
• Articles from Shane Warne and other Rajasthan Royals players for the Alumni Magazine, Sandpaper 2.0

For the millionth time - I am proud to be a BITSian :)

As the red earth and pouring rain....

"yaayum yaayum yaaragiyaro
endhaiyum nundhaiyum emmuraik kelir
yaanum neeyum evvazhi aridhum
chembulap peyalneer pola
anbudai nenjamdhan kalandhanave"

..... As the red earth and pouring rain....

- Found, London Subway.