The late post about the year that was...

Wow. This is probably the first time I've missed an important event on the blog. The New Year, I mean. Not even the customary recap of the year that was.

Not that 2009 wasn't eventful.Far from it, actually. In more ways than one, '09 has been noteworthy. It has opened the door to a new level of self realization. In more ways than one, this year has been about me,and me only. Coming from a person like me , that is saying a lot.

A huge comeback mid-year career-wise, resulted in a promotion,a new exciting role and move to the Big Apple. I am psyched as shit ! I am all pumped like a lioness in her prime , ready to kick some serious ass. Sure, there is risk and challenge involved, but bring it on baby !

There were some very important relationships that needed to be mended, and I see progress made. There were also some relationships that had to be let go. Some painfully, some filled with a sigh of relief. Others with mixed feelings.

Perhaps the most important thing I learnt in '09 was that life is a series of choices.So you just have to keep making bold choices, and correct course if needed. But standing in the middle of a busy junction can be costly, not to mention fatal.

There are things like these and many, many more that I now know as a result of 2009. And that, my friends, is priceless.