The year that has been.

Eventful, fun filled and hectic. The time between New Years at Atlantic City up until now has been one hazy blur. A pleasant blur at that, spent with family, welcoming the new addition and oh, loads and loads of travel. I've spent close to 300 days on the road this year, perhaps fittingly, this is being written from another random airport on one of these journeys.

Homeward bound after three years, some new thoughts,some old ones- the mood is definitely happy and upbeat.

Yet another New Year awaits.I hope its filled with lots of fun - friends, family and memories.

Happy New Year!
I have scored the world wide web for this one, but with no luck. One Pasuram has caught my fancy for a long time. Again, it's the tamil. This one has some dark undertones too, with the use of the words "Paadalam", "pina pillaigal" and so on. My guess is this is by Thondaradipodi azhwar. Anyhow, any attempts to get me the orginal words will be much appreciated. Here is my attempt at transliteration.

padalam yenum keezhum(??)

sokkazhivu padamalar podar thunai mudiyum

yella porul mudivil pedhai orukaal

thirumeni ondru allan vedhamudhal

vinnodum mannum thuthithaalum

podha ulava oru thozan thondarulan

kothil kulatharanthan koil pina pillaigal

yethavanoor yethavan per

yarutrar yarayalar yethavanai paadum

pariselor embaavai.