On being single


I've had this blog pretty much since 2004, when I was just an enthusiastic undergrad kid with stars in her eyes.

It's been six years since then. I walk through memory lane sometimes, I see that girl vividly through her posts. Sometimes juvenile, sometimes precocious, she was wasn't even old enough to drink back then.It doesn't matter who she was, but it does help that I can relive her through her posts.

More reasons to blog regularly. But I digress.

As has been mentioned in many other posts, there was a point in time where I gave up revealing personal information on this blog. No, I am not paranoid about e-stalkers. Although, come to think of it, slapping on a foursquare widget to this blog, or facebook , for that matter, is very creepy. "Hello, I just checked into the Starbucks at the corner of Vine and 6th streets with Ceclia Smith". You just make it so easy for the stalkers, there isn't even any thrill anymore. Whatever happened to old-fashioned night vision goggles ?

But I digress again.

There is a line you draw between keeping the blog personable, but not too personal. You want to give people a window into your life, but only to the foyer. Talking about my experiences being single , I guess gets into the too personal category. But also, this is that age where everyone around me is looking for, or is in a relationship. Hence the focus on this topic.

1. What consititutes being "Single" ?

Single means you are not married, engaged, or seriously dating / have feelings for someone at the present time. No, being in a complicated relationship, while also registering on matrimonial/dating websites doesn't count.

2. What consititutes "looking"?

Looking means you are interested in finding someone with whom you can have a long term relationship, eventually leading to marriage. Looking doesn't mean half-heartedly answering emails after two months, because you are helping your ex get over her/his ex, hoping that she/he will fall in love with you. Just getting that out of the way.

3. You are single at an age where majority of women are married. Why?

Glad you asked. Before you get any ideas of me being a lesbian fembot, let me assure you - I am as straight and screwed up as the girl next door. And beneath this tad cynical exterior, there is the girl who believes that some day she will find someone. You know, who she can, you know , ok don't make me say it.

4. Do you who you are?

Wow. That didn't take very long to ask. Does anyone, really truly know who they are? Isn't it part of the charm? The journey of self-discovery?

5. Is "Independent" really a nice way to say "headstrong" ?

I see, a "How I met your mother" fan. Great! I can work with that ;)