Deepotsav 2006

And I turned my neck ever so slightly - to avoid glances. I looked up at the Zimmer auditorium, as I have done year after year. I found very few familiar faces. Just a small little strip of faithful old timers, as old as I was, also wondering why they were still in school.

I owed this to myself - for not being there, a year earlier. I needed this, for a lot of reasons I cannot quite comprehend.Its almost as if it is a calling, and I had to do it - Somehow I ended up coordinating the Orchestra for the show. Just as any other show, this one had its share of hitches.In the end, it doesn't matter. The show goes on. And I made some good friends in the process, and felt closer to my music as I hadn't in a long time.

My point made, and I bid adieu to the UC community the way I wanted to - with grace, and diginity. With some anonymous faces and some familiar ones - None too dear or too far present on that day. Just the way life was meant to be.

I've had my share of Deepotsavs, and salsa lessons. I' ve had my krishna carryout binges and late night assignments. I've had belly-aching laughter sessions, and soul-wringing crying sessions. And boy ! What an eventful journey it has been ! And somehow , in the process, I ended up with a few people that are very dear to me. People who will persist in my life. And with that - I think my time has come. I'll exit the stage, and someone else will take over. Because the show has to go on.


Believe me, no one has a lower opinion of these species than I do, but this article just nailed why!!!

Got my License !!

I got my License today !!!

Thank you to everyone of you who've sat with me patiently while I blundered through the numerous honks and confusing the lefts for the rights!!!

Thank you !!!