So it was a movie filled weekend.

Dostana : Obviously, I'd read pathetic reviews about it on Rediff. And I almost did not go. This one is no Brokeback Mountain. And yes, the heroes pretend to be gay, fall in love with the same girl and so on. Yes, it does caricaturize the gay stereotype, but I think its done in good spirit and it had me laughing very hard. Of course, it also caricaturized the typical Indian saas-bahu, the K3G, KKHT over the top tearjerker stereotypes. Very refreshing that bollywood has finally decided to make fun of itself.

Vaaranam Ayiram : Ok, so I was very excited about this one, having seen the promos and interviews. I knew Surya had worked very hard on his various roles and the movie definitely had some catchy tunes. About 70% of the narrative was very well told, and very, very relatable. The rest of it was - well , a tamil movie :).I think Surya just graduated to an Aamir-esque league after this one. Oh, and the unkempt, unshaven angry young man look - Very sexy.
And I pray.

And so I give.
Yes, history was created.

But here is a funny story.

1. Have some self-respect, for crying out loud.
2.Stop behaving like a self-absorbed one year old.
3.If you want to be taken seriously as a power to reckon with, then start acting like one.

It's almost embarrassing to read stuff like this. Get a life !