" Guys, I know what I want to order..."

"Do they sell adidas in India ??"

"Sang, look how much weight I've gained..."

Gosh, I sure wish I was there with her right now. The part I miss the most is our little post-12, post-all callers sessions, where we almost go to sleep, and then talk. We talk about each of our past 6-7 birthdays, memorable ones, forgettable ones, men,women,children,growing up and so forth.

We've had "just you and me, let's lock the door, I hate the phonies" birthdays to "lets have a cooking marathon and call the whole world, smear cake, and take snaps" birthdays.

She loves my cake, and she is the biggest fan of my cooking.

Bugsie, Here is to a fabulous 25th. You rock my world gal !
That ship just sailed

The last plank barely nailed

The vastness a pallid blue

The wave left behind the loser's lone shoe

A moment to pause

And take in the insignificant cause

Until the mighty eagle sweeps by

Barely a wink of an eye

A riot of colors, a brilliant sky

Oh what a wonderful new high !