This is one of those drafts that you write, re-write, and write again over time. But somehow never get around publishing, because it fails to capture what you are trying to say in all its entirety.But then you decide it doesn't matter. And publish. So here goes.

Sometime in May 2005, an innocuous email sitting in my inbox announced someone's marriage. It wasn't just someone. It was someone in "the gang". My thoughts wafted to this bunch, a dozen or so of us, closely knit by circumstances or fate,cuddled up securely in a cute little hamlet in Rajasthan,facing our fears, discovering our strengths, living life together,and growing up.These are little snippets, from our conversations over all these years.
"Hey guys, cmon man, we havent really had a lot of fun lately.. It has been two whole days, thats like 48 hours since we all met up, lets go to c'not"

"People, lets play Val-friend"

"Oh-ho-ho guess who wore a bright yellow shirt today and made a fool of himself"

"Hey!! you zuked a test man, you are officially av-1 now, treat treat treat !!!"

"Guys, I am really running out on dosh here, could you just stop washing your hands in coke, just because I am treating !!!"

"Wo-ho-ho.. Check that outsti babe .. she is so totally hawt!!"

" Guys, the most funny thing happened... You know this guy I have a crush on right? and how he always wears the same T shirt, oh I am gonna protest by wearing the same damn color for one whole week till the whole class notices!!!"

"Hey people, this is S and K reporting from IPC. The time , as you all can see ,is 8 30, that means we walked out of a three hour exam in thirty minutes,and K has broken her personal best of 50 mins by a whopping 20 minute margin.Way to go man!! We are proud of you!!!"


"People,another company gave us the finger"

"Oh yes! I made that Job"

" Did I tell you I missed my 10, for the first time?"

" Yes, I have started smoking"

"Oh Cmon, stop it guys, I like this girl. Yes, did you hear that ?"

"Thalai decided to give me 5 recos, did you hear that!!!"

"Yes, that is my breath, I got sloshed yesterday"

" Fine, so now there is someone more important to you than the gang"

" Hope you make a job at PS II"

"Guys, thats admit number 5, no sign of Aid yet "

"Hang in there, you will get over her"

"Its a family emergency, screw the Elliots plan"

" We are there for you, always"


" I am getting married in two months. Hope you can guys can make it to the wedding "

"So this is my India trip itinerary...."

" I have to get my appraisal done .."

"So thats it, this is a commitment for life, I am in for a Phd"

" My PM screwed me ...."

" I am taking Salsa classes... and dating a hot Mexican chick..."

" Remember that salary hike I was talking about ? I got it !"

" Yes, thats what I was telling you when I was chatting with you yesterday, or was it today? I wouldn't know , coz I have been stuck in this lab for eternity"

" My funding chances....."

" Another telecon, I am ripping these bastards apart...."

" An appreciation mail....."

" My In-laws are visiting....."

"He graduates first, and then I graduate, and we both pay back our loans, then go back to India, tell parents about us, and get married by 2010 "

" Another Valdee , and I am still single guys... that joke you guys played on me when we played Val-friend in college? Not funny anymore....."


I hope to revisit and add more to this post as years go by....

So I am back.

Should this post be an impassionate travelogue replete with photos and events?

Should this post be a soul - searching expedition that dissects my whole pysche bit by bit?

Should it talk about jetlag, lost baggages and packing nightmares?

Should this be one gushing tale that recounts the month that was?

Should it talk about India, US, economy, NRIs, westernization, outsourcing?

Should it talk about values,emotions,life and God, and how you rediscover yourself constantly wrt these?