What do I remember about Prof. Sura ?

When I joined BITS in 2000, he was the handsome geeky bachelor that girls had a crush on. I remember, I joined as a late entry and he taught General Physics. My first class was a special class he had arranged to get us caught up.

It was probably a Saturday morning . I was very sleepy. And to keep awake I was doodling. I ended up drawing a man's profile. He gave us a problem to solve, he walked past me, looked at my notebook and said " Is that me ?" " Probably not, it's just a generic face" I said.

I ended up getting a C in Physics. I do remember him as a spic macay leader and more importantly as a chief warden. On one of our trips, we couldnt get permission slips for everyone on time. We ended up knocking G.Su's door and got told off. Not to be deterred we went and knocked on SuRa's door. We were told off again but he did give us the permissions we needed and it ended up saving our asses in the end. We all made the trip. In hindsight, that event didn't end up being a significant one in my life, or anyone else's for that matter.

But when I think of SuRa I remember this geeky, very popular professor. Someone who had the respect of all of us. The enigmatic bachelor who ended up finding his intellectual partner for life in that dreary desert that was Pilani. I was at that stage in life where was skeptical of the whole relationship-companionship-marriage side of things. He was someone I genuinely thought was soo consumed by his passion for Physics that there was no room for much else.

He did give me hope that there was someone out there for everyone.
That's how I'll always remember him. RIP Prof. Suresh Ramaswamy.