You know it is a weird thing. I have always been a stickler for privacy. Emotions, thougts,feelings, have always been a guarded fort. That is probably one reason why I could never write my personal diary. Call me a cynic, call me a misanthrope. It is much like a relationship with a person. There are two kinds of people- those who understand and those who dont. And those who do, do it implicitly. I came accross a poster in good ol' cnot a few days back. It said
"I dont explain myself
My friends understand and the rest wont believe me anyways"

But then, who ever said life was easy? who ever said life corresponds to a binary 1 or 0? (Pardon that crude simile...Software Industry does this to you , believe me!!!!)It is these gray shades about life that makes it worth living.

Roark would often wear this T shirt that says" 10 reasons why a beer is better than a woman" just to see me get all hyper and go ga-ga about feminism and MCP Bitsians for an hour.It is another favorite pastime of the gang to see me blush( the author, being a self-professed feminist would rather die than admit she is blushing for a guy!!!!!).
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