Amma got up early on May 13th. It was 8 o Clock and she was anxiously switching Channels to check out the early leads by different parties. Being a strong BJP supporter, she was obviosuly dissapointed. Hailing from a normal middle class Indian family, we were never into "active" politics. Politics for us was like watching cricket,or wait... aleast we followed cricket zealously... a little less that religion perhaps.. So Politics was like watching a long running Indian soap.. Complete with all the action and back stabbing and the proverbial Public-Dirty-Linen-Washing routine.

It all changed some years ago, when we actually found some good statesman to go and vote for. With Rangarajan Kumaramagalam contesting from Trichy, and BJP for the first time aligning with local parties in TN, public interest soared. Hitherto uninterested sections were suddenly hopeful. And the last 5 years saw the NDA living up to atleast some of those expectations, and the country finally took a breather from dirty opportunistic coalitions keeping an entire democracy in tenterhooks.

Things change , However , in due course. Elections 2004 witnessed utter debauchery of the country's political fabric. Day after tommorow an Italian takes over as the country's Prime Minister.Dont get me wrong , I am not one of those saffron clad people who swear by the Hindutva. It is not about a person's origins, It is about ability and efficiency of the Individual as well as the party concerned. Who do we see ? Some age-old sychophants wasted away sitting spinelessly in the many CWCs, shamelessly encouraging people with not much but famous surnames.

Wednesday comes. It says clearly.."A country deserves the Government it gets".
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