So there goes all my promises to write blogs daily!!!!
Life is getting better these days. Of all the natural phenomena that God created,the one that never ceases to lighten my heart and brighten my day must be the rain. My love affair with the Rain Gods started from when i was a small kid. I used to love the smell of the earth receiving the first drops of rain(It has a name that slips mind... Mrs. Sangeetha Sharma used to tell us in those few GRE classes that we attended!!!!!!).As I grew up, I used to listen to "Sudhya mayee" and "En mugam paraiyaa" and was awe struck by the ability of a raaga to induce rain in a parched land...There were days when I used to go to the terrace and sing amruthavarshini in a dire attempt to appease the rain Gods and to prove my prowess as a classical singer!!!!!!!!!
"Anandamruthakarshini" was another tryst with the rain-raaga. It is also special because, it showcases the mind boggling musical perfection of a genius - Muthuswamy Dikshitar. (In one of our family discussions my dad would attribute this prelidiction for dikshitar and his krithis to the school of music I belong to-I come from a musical legacy passed on by the genius himself!!)
Music then, like the rain,talks to a part of the being.. A part of your existence, that no one-not even you- have access to.A miniscule , non-entity like me can only gaze in ceaseless wonderb at music- A science, an art, a therapy,a miracle,a solace,a judge(Have you ever heard St. Thyagarajas "Dudukugala" set to raagam"Gowlai"??? Then you will understand...) in short -a universal, all encompassing experience.
Life then, has these moments,when you submit yourself to the moment, wordlessly,without struggle and give yourself upto it-completely and willingly.... It in these moments that life is worth living.
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