This is so unfair!!!!
I didnt get a Gmail account even though I am a Blogger!!!
I am gonna sue blogger!!!!
Anywayz... I had a major crush a few days back.And today it turned to love. Wow... I am talking about that masterpeice "Rang deeni" from Dev.Mind blowing,awesome!!!All thanks to mp3lizard(eeks..!!! that sound very yuck!!!!) I downloaded it, and needless to say I have heard it some fifty times today!!!!It has been really long since I have fallen so much for a Hindi film song!!! I have seen that video for some two minutes.And looks so natural with Kareena(eeks!! and Yuck again!!!) and Fardeen(oooohhhmmmppphhhh!!!!!!). Kareena drying clothes and stealing those surreptitious glances at Fardeen. In Venusian dictionary, this would rate as being "shooo shweetttt" and "soooo cuteeee!!!".

Anyways , it is not the video or the film, It is that beautiful song.What subtle classical music with peppy beats.. has you mesmerized in no time at all.So for the next few days atleast,My status on yahoo is going to be perennially set to
"DEV[] 01 Rang Deeni".
Oh.. For the uninitiated - That is a winamp plugin that shows in your Yahoo messenger status the song that is played on your Winamp.Very cool utitilty. I am trying to get one for my blog, lets see.

So today was a good saturday.But afsos!!!I didnt get to do my afternoon sleep routine!!!Anyways went around commerical street today.Guess what..I havent shopped for dresses for me in almost a year now!!!!I wont for another month I guess.
So I gave my comp the much needed cleansing today.Got rid of most of the worms,and spyware infested in it for some time now. My god!!!whatever happened to Yahoo's virus scan!!!
And for all the hoopla about ISDN connection your always-on connection brings home all unvited Trojan Horses(Okay okay.. I ll stop reminding you about Rayban and "Network Security now!!!).

Tommorow is the Nurburgring GP.The Prince returns to his Home land. Hope Schumi makes up for his dismal performance in Monaco and thrills his fans at home and all over the world.
Wanted to watch "Hum Tum" this weekend.because of 3 reasons - Saif(I seem to have taken a fancy to his comedy roles like in "Kal Ho Na Ho") ,Rani(I adore her...Can you believe I watched "Chalte Chalte" just for her!!!) and more importantly because it is based on "When Harry met Sally" !!!!!!!!

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