Yipee !!! My friends are Home!!!!!!!!

So.. My friends have come home.. after a gruelling 4 and a half months in the parched sands.After a really long time I am getting to hear my cell phone's ring tone..(Oh. I had almost forgotten what my ring tone is!!!!!)And.. for a change when I get an SMS these days.. It is actually from somebody other than Citibank messaging to remind me of how pathetically low my account balance is!!!!!!How great is that!!!!!!!
Oh.. and F.R.I.E.N.D.S was guuu-o-o-o-d(In Monica style!!!) ... Cristina Applegate as Amy was very convincting as Rachel's obnoxious sister !!!!!
Hm.. cant wait for Yuva to come along!!! Cant wait to lech at Madhavan and Siddarth !!!!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hai ...came across ur blogspot after cracing lots of clues ..may be u can wirte something abt treausre hunt for the long list of clues that i have to crack...
    and the spot is really cool..may be i will create one during my PS ...