My fingers are itching.Yes.Miss-Irony decides to make her special appearance again.
Today is the last day of PS.I finally get to sit around.A headphone set in hand, a computer with net access,this must be anybody's idea of a perfect day.But alas !! It was not meant to be.It is 4 O clock now, and officially I have no more than a few hours of BITSian life left.But no!! I am being made to sit and wait around for that decision.Uncertainity till the last moment.
I have a good mind to lash out at aleast a million people right now,the only reason of restraint being... Oh well chuck it .Somethings can wait.Yes,a lot of things are queuing up to find a place in this blog.Yes.My day will come.And come very soon.It will come on a Thursday, two weeks from now.Then my time comes.The last ounce of my patience withering away fast.Cmon, I have been stretched to the limit,in more ways than one.Just holding out a bit longer.No idea how long the resolve will last.Showing all signs of breakdown already.I am going home.Home.Not necessarily a therapy,but this time it could different.Yes, it could be titled the return of the prodigal daughter.
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