So, my conversion process is almost over, and I have a whole lot of people I am grateful to.My team,which I think is tooo good...My project guide,my college senior,DES trainees,PS mates and a whole load of others.But before I do that,I must present to you a narration of my travails with another project before I was opted to shift to my present team.Read on.

When I see these other "teams" in my domain, I am tempted to worship mine.My team has an easy camaraderie,and some team lunches and so on.These other "teams" work much like this.One is blissfully unaware of the other's existence.When a trainee gets into such a team, often,the first day is the only time they get to interact with the "focal".All you get to do after that day, is sit and stare mindlessly at those pages and pages of code,which for all you care could be the original bible in hebrew or pychedelic chant in zulu.Your only access point to the "team" would be a poor neophyte,(read as a trainee who got converted 10 days back)who gives you ominous stares that say "Shit!!! you airhead,you dont know this? what did they teach you in college?nursery rhymes?" It is a clique really,a slighty aged version of those half baked pseudo-MCP guyz in college if you will.Of course,there is a sane person in this whole drama, and just when you think you can manage Bam!!! he goes onsite.Our neophyte here becomes King Focal's right hand,and your accessiblity to the teams on goings just dropped to nil.Just when you thought you could quit,Focal and neophyte become chummy with a fellow trainee in the project (who by the way, is in the same plight as you,but comes up with these stunts of staying up till 10 daily for "greater team visibility" eeks !!!!*dude,get yourself a life !!!*)and decide to transfer those shitloads of "Code review" crap to you(Oh for the uninitiated,that just means changing a function name and exception handling in about ten thousand lines of code!!!).

Fast forward two weeks, you dutifully discover that there is a project release slated for the next month and the hitherto unseen King Focal suddenly starts talking about "Slipping deadlines".You then discover an excel sheet stored away on some non descript computer holding details of who should complete which module by when.Two days later - neophyte comes up with the "we have to talk" routine.Tries to put on a good show a la "Mr.Future PM"(Oh..dont start that foriegn origin crap.. this is just Project Manager).Soliciously "seeks to help me out" by asking me if there is a problem.(Dude !!!!
maybe you should consider explaining to people what they are supposed to do when they are given hebrew codes!!! And you know,it is a good idea to have a team meeting.. so that those fools can know our names, and what we look like,let alone discuss what is happening in the project). I could list down a thousand things that fall under the general category of "You and your team suck" ,but then,I think of a better thing to do.This is my chance to escape from that hell.And with generous help from all quarters shift to my present team.. And they rest, like they say "is history" !!!!!!!
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