So.. it was a nice time at chennai.Met up with the gang.It was cool.I have been meaning to do a lot of good blog stuff. Like 100 things about me.Or about each one in the gang.Or about "The wind beneath my wings". Yes that "Wind beneath my wings" is infact long due,considering no due mention in any posts so far.

Statutory Warning : This is going to be one heck of a "feelings" post, and my first attempt at that!!! So, you are strongly advised to stop reading here.

Some mails go like this :

"Hey if u go offline ur smiley is supposed to change!! Were u really offline or some of ur usual "I dont need help" stunt??Kiddo come online and I ll try to snatch comp timings frm sister.And finish packing soon.Dont forget ur ps allotment etc etc..(OK!!Now I can hear u say "Stop it Granny" !!!! So I better stop here!)These days my blogging ishtyle is rubbing on to my mails too!(If I ever had one , that is !)"

I wont be here for your birthday.But well,if you thought you could sac out and be lazy that day too,then well..think again!!! I have ways of making you run around all day,being half the world away too!!!!

And,considering I wont be celebrating this birthday of mine with you,well, what are u planning to do??( I know you havent thought of a plan yet,so start as soon as you read this!!!)

Anywayz your PS or psenti sem will get sac after sometime.And I bet you will have ample time and would be roaming around,so dont give me all the usual "Sang, I am busy, I have no time to mail" stuff...I am not ready to buy it !!!!

WBMW, Hope some of you will be there to see APOGEE 2005. I wonder how many in the department would still know me.I wonder if they would still have my name on the acknowledgements list.I wonder if you would still think about me when you pass hrough 2233.I wonder if you will go to the inaug,and if you do,I wonder if you will remember all those countless inaugs,fash-P's,Mithalis and the way we laughed at those absolutely hideous mimes.I wonder if you remember those mega dopy snaps that sent our mess bills skyrocketing,I wonder if you remember leching @those good looking guyz in a wrongly delivered snap.

I wonder if you remember those long road trips, I wonder if you ll think of me when u see a gushing waterfall, and the way we waded throught dangerous waters, I wonder if you ll think of me when u see the white snow,and think of those huge snow ball fights,the snow-man making competion,those rabbits at Hidumba's.

I wonder if you will see apple shake and think of me, I wonder if you will pass by the raag room,and,forgetfully, peep in to see if I am there.I wonder if you will ever walk down that Mal road again,I wonder of the chowki still recognises you,I wonder if you still remember 217, I wonder if you still come up with 216, alwayz.

Those first PEP meetings in first year,SUB graffiti,our panga with those (contr)OLZ guys,the first holi,the paint delirium,the first session,the sariska trip,gunjan Bansal,the trip home,Adhisayam trip, That trichy visit,those second year IC sessions,kola and me freaking out @ vfast,that mussorie trip,PS I epiphany,cyberfiesta lights control,sane 3,informalz,Nainital trip,yo gang,comp net CT,that election,sangamam 2003,Raag,concerts,TAP,Nrithyaranjani,APOGEE 2003,compereing sessions,APOGEE 2004,kulu-manali,manikaran,those cycle rides,those foggy Pilani January nights,the fireplace confessions,March 23,GRE ghoting @home,all nite chatting,July 24,July 31,My Psenti sem bday,Aug 14,Aug 20(Infy!!!),those early morning gate calls to Junta,Election Commission meetings,those audi raggings,Psenti Oasis,apping marathons,netsec assignments(??),psenti laccha,farewells, and more farewells,cakes and bakes, that last train journey... that list could go on and on....

Do you want me to tell you how I feel about me leaving? I am not starry-eyed ,I am not awed about touching the "hallowed sands" of the US of A. I am not a big stud,I am not eagerly awaiting to devour the tomes of techie stuff in the libraries.Yes,it is time to move on,I am leaving behind a lot of baggage here.Some excess baggage,some essentials.A whole lot of people who were a part of my exsistence.There are some people who made living easier for me.I am a bit of all those people now.I am grateful for all those good times I spent,I am grateful for those other times too,coz it taught me living,it taught me strength.Wherever you are , whatever you guys do, I just want you guys to know,your the best ever, and that you touched my life in a way that I hadnt let anyone touch it.

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