Blogaugur Suds prophesised "Thought Shall not blog more than once a week" !!!I thought to myself "Ha!!! I shall soon be one of India's un-employed masses.And a proverbial one at that!!! So I shall have all the time in the world to blog.I shall produce quality posts, and that too daily".

Thus I set to work. Grey cell factory worked overtime.A dozen very good ideas surfaced in one of nights where you decide to turn in early due to lack of access to the computer.

Next morning,you have a few "mundane" tasks like going to office and deciding whether you want to contine or not.Then, you catch up with friends who are back after a break,and you decide to go out for lunch.Then,your PS mate wants to stay with you for a day or so before finding a place. So,hogging at MTR and a late nite "Girl friend" show happens.(Lest your fecund brain is only too busy conjuring up all un-christian images..see a red flag?? Stop right there!!! we were only watching a movie.. thats all!!)

Wake up next morning, only to find you've been riddled with flu.Ah, just a cold,you think, and follow rule number one in "The lazybones guide to life and living" - "Though shalt do nothing about it until absolutely necessary."Next morning, you have to wake up at 4 with full blown cold,temperature and all the accessories. No, no, this is not after our customary afternoon seistas. Yes, it is the unimaginable.It could have easily found a place in Ripley's believe it or not. Yes,early morning 4 O clock !!!!(Okay, My circadian was still reading "midnight" or in this case "Early night" but thats besides the point!!)I go to pick up a friend from the train station.I sleep through call taxis,platform tickets queues,the like.Train scheduled time : 5 20. Of course, brain is furiously working its way into how I can pick my friend and her mom,get an auto, and go home by 6 back to heavenly snooze.
Alas,destiny had other plans for me.I,my friends, had forgotten that I was in Bangalore, and that the train I was talking about was the "Bangalore Mail " of Indian Railways.True to IRST (Indian Railways Standard Time) the train peacefully chugged her way the platform at 6 15 !!!OF course,haggling with the porter, and the long queues at pre--paid auto meant we reached home by a good 8 o clock.

Well,the reason for Poms visit was to find a good pg for her.Well friends,friday was an important day for me. It was a day when I charted a career course for myself.Four of us, would scour the streets of Rajaji Nagar, in an attempt to find a decent place to reside for six months.Little did we know what this adventure would involve.It took us though dingy streets,bunk beds,windowless places called rooms,stinking toilets,damp ceilings and rat infested bureaus, that would have put Fagin's hellhole to shame.Finally though,lady luck smiled on us, and we found the little darling a wonderful place in a bunglaw with carpeted floors,all venetian blinds and the like.If you still remember about my career course,it was to start a pg in bangalore if I am out of work after UC.Lady luck also decreed another visit to MTR on me.After a major round of hogging that could have put Haran or Kattan to shame,we slowly ambled our way home and hit the sack in no time.

Still fumbling with photo uploading in the blog, I woke up today,in mighty resolve to produce a masterpeice in literature.A gem that future generations would venerate, and learn from.I started typing thus :

"There is a very interesting story that I want to share.This person happens to be ... well.. how to describe simple words, a dearie.."

Power Cut!!!!Electricity Boards has never been one of my favorite boards.(For that matter neither has the black board(*chides herself for digressing* !!!)I still remember days of yore when the whole family used to cuddle up in front of the TV at sharp 9 on a sunday morning to watch "Ramayan" or "Mahabarat".We were a typical "Dekh Bhai Dekh" kind of family in those days.Having only two out of twelve parsing Hindi at that time,meant we had to wait for long before the actual translation happened.And,if by twist of fate,a power cut happened..The way these grannies used to curse poor electricity board guys could put an ol' sailor to shame.

Consequent struggles with photobucket,image type conversion problems,some marathon sleep sessions, and a sumptuous dinner at Gramin,and late night chats later,here I am.But alas folks,sudsayer's augury was only too true. Here I go with what could well have been the title of this blog-I havent written a good post in a long long time.

That photo btw, is that of me and my cousin madhu,when we were a bunch of teething five year olds.Reminds me of simpler times.Yes, I do look cute!!!
(*bows and acknowledges the adulation*).
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