Okay, I am relieved.I made a job few days back,meaning I am financially independent.So now I can totally relax.And blog.It has been real fun so far.Using all creativity to write about that fictitious "computer consultant" job at IPC and the "Student helper" job at the ARC,creating your own recipes at the kitchen, and watching those poor faces subject to the agony of having to gulp down your food,and say"Wow, thats too good" in response to your enthusiastic dinner invitations...life has been ok.

Today afternoon, I made one of my favorite dishes,Oh correction here, I made a dish, which ,until today was my favorite.It is a south Indian pasta kind of preparation called "Sevai".Today was different,because I decided to make myself the guinea pig before I rush in enthusiastically to hand out plates and plates of my preparation to my subjects and watch them mericlessly torn between their integrity and the need to preserve their future eating sources. And, the result, if you still remember the "sevai", was decent!!!! So much more because,my sister, who I can , with all honesty assure you is a real gourmet by my standards,couldnt prepare it well so far!!!!So this december,Jeeju , who loves sevai is going to get a real treat from yours truly!!!!!

(*flashback* after those nite-outs(of course I was chatting with friends,you didnt think I was ghoting did you !!!!)mom getting up early morning to make yummy sevai and curd-tomato side dishes!!!!)

Sevai apart,the past few days have been fun with my batchmates.Tripping sessions,orkut leching sessions,Dumb Cs and cooking adventures.. It hasnt been bad at all.Infact, yes, I really think it is going to be a good ride.So wish me luck !!!!!

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