Its Pongal time!!

And I cooked a real good dinner after a while !!!!It usually happens that when I spend time cooking an elaborate meal (read as more than one dish !!!) I spend about an hour and a half from end to end, and by the time it is done, my appetite is all gone. Plus, I also grow to dislike the dish I took so long to prepare.

But Pongal was different.Of course, we had people come over, and had made both the sweet and hot varieties. (A long time ago, all us cousins, in my hometown, chewing on freshy cut sugarcane,watching the milk boil out of earthen pots,the fanfare...... )Anyway, for the first time, I actually did relish the food I cooked !!!

On a different note , weekend has been wonderful,more so because of the bonus day off.Going around in a GPS enabled state-of-the-art BMW doing publicity for a tsunami fundraiser, a surpise party for my roomie, and then all of us huddled up to watch, a , hold your breath.. telugu movie, and a nite-out laccha session,waking up to a white,snowy morning... I hate to switch back to the "Oh-I-have- so-much-more-to-do" mode :((

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