Valdee special !!

Stores filled with Valdee goods.. chocolates,teddies,cards,flowers and what not!! Chiptole even offers a free burrito!!!

My Valdee this time, is going to be very special and romantic.. check this out.

  • Gifted myself a whole pack of Special Hersheys :))
  • One of my friends was soo excited to see a notepad titled "Proposal" on my lappie.Amidst the tripping and guessing who it could be and already deciding where I should be honeymooning, I had to stop her, open it, to reveal a project proposal for my advisor.
  • I spend too much time in 828 ERC, that I have begun to think chopsticks look sexy, and that "haad wak bling mou knalegment" !!!(Dont even ask me what that means!!)
  • The Red Pepper girl never seems to get tired of seeing me daily,although I still have trouble making her understand that "Vegetarian" means "No pork"every time. But otherwise,I know all the fortunes in the fortune cookies by-heart, and now even the "Behind every successful man, there are other men" doesnt seem funny with the "in bed".
  • I can't wait for Feb 14. My life is so going to be different that day.I have "special plans"of visiting the medical center in addition to ghoting for the next day's midterm.(Or.. "mee taen").
  • Dig this :
ME:"Hey man, wait a sec, I ll just return this CD to A and come back"
THE OTHER END:"WHAT ?? You have a movie ?? And you cheapo!!!
Didnt even tell me ??"
ME:"Yeah !!! It only has about a thousand papers me and labmates are
supposed to make sense of!!"

And, to top it all, my To-do list(which I spent only four hours searching for the best software on the net because "I badly needed to manage my time better") is overflowing.....So.. more than a week early...Happy feb 14.. or whatever folks!!

Man!! Am I nerdy or what !!!

I wish I saw reader's reactions as they read and re-read to make sure they got the "Nerdy" part right !!!
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