Well, as they say, what goes around, comes back.(Ok, I dont know what it really says.. I made it up!!!).

The start of the spring quarter has thankfully heralded a major re-arrangement and cleaning session at my home.Scrubbing, cleaning and emptying the smelly trash makes you take a philosophical look at life itself.It is a grave situation you are fraught with, one minute you rush in with shoes to your bedroom to pick up a paper for submission 10 mins away, your roomie comes out of the bath dripping wet,and the next thing you know(Ok, 3 months of living in shambleland) you are mopping black floors in a desperate attempt to pass inspection. Yeah, talk about karma!!!

So Anyways,as I was trying to make sense out of some thousand printouts,handouts,lecture notes, hastily scribbled assignments, "notebook chats" in tamil,hindi,english,half-working codes, and ccp-ed surveys,I came accross this poem.

A little introduction into the history of this poem would now be in order. There was this time, in my first quarter, when we used to have a big seminar filled with people. Well, the perils of ECECS seminar have been well blogged in Fall, so I am sure you dont wanna hear all about some profs eyesight or how we played cows and bulls.So, as we were taking a break from tic-tac-toe, one of us came up with an innovative poety writing contest (about this very old lady professor), between me and Ash, the time limit being one minute.

Here is my entry for that contest, One find in my spring cleaning endeavors:

"Algos!!" , "Stats!!"- she is an old hag,

Carrying an out of style pink bag,

That houses a 1870 "Vogue" mag

In whose weight her shoulders sag.

Paati, Oh my dear !

Death beckons you not, dont you fear;

But why the monologue with the weekend near

Oh! Is that a Base-Theorem lullaby I hear ?

Hubby dear awaits you in his car,

And I'd rather go to the coffee-hour,

And dip my hand into the delicious cookie jar

But Ash here would rather go watch gals in a Bar !!

Interrupted by someone's watch beeping a Friday evening 5 O clock, we stood up to go.But alas, my Miss.Destiny has other ideas.Starting 9 : 30 AM tommorow, and I am going to find myself sitting in one of her classes - for an entire quarter !!!!

Hmm !!! Does one good deed deserve another ??

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