Satutory Warning : This is about a person who exists in the real world.Any references to the words"Coercion","Chipotle" and "Treat"are purely coincidental and does not mean what you think it means.

Hmm,If you are meeting him for the first time, you will think he is 15.But once you get to know him,things will change.You will think he is all of two years old(And G , thats NOT a compliment!!).That being said,he took my cherished position.(Well, I am so used to being the youngest in any group of people,but he snatched it away from me in the "Kuttisuvars").

Its been around seven months since we all landed inthe US of A.Not for G.He talks and walks like he owns the place,with an accent that he thinks puts even the ABCD chicks he tries to "correct" to shame.

Hmm,you would think a normal Desi veggie guy can eat pretty much anything veggie available in the US.Our guy cant eat tomato,onions,spicy food, tea or coffee.Hmm, and just when you sympathetically offer him the option of cereals,surprise ! seems like acid reflux is not the end of his woes-lactose intolerance!!!Cut to reality and u can see this guy peacefully sitting in Thai Express hogging away a Thai fried rice - spice levels of 5/6 :))And the next thing you know "kiddo"'s grandmom is flown all the way from India to take care of him!!

Hmm, so anywayz, calls himself a good "nanban".Picture this.

"Sang,i ll surely come to Deepotsav, after all you are performing"


"Hey, so how was it?"
"How was what"
"The performance , stupid"
"I dont know.. I was outside.. wow that hot chick, she just stepped out,and I couldnt take my eyes off her..Hey.. btw, you know her right.. then what are u waiting for? wherez my intro"

Flashback :
(BITS,Pilani : "kats,mar,so your coming to TAP tommorow right?Cmon guyz, I am singing"

"What? we cant sit through some boring carnatic concert just because you are in it.Besides, its a sunday morning 9 o clock, I have a wing cricket match"

"Sang, I have this lab work to complete, I really wish I could come though"

"Well,too bad then,I ll tell DR I wont be inviting anyone then"

"What?DR is in this too?? To hell with lab work and cricket matches,we are in !!")
End of Flashback.

Cut to the present :

"Hey you said you were in Dyer hall"
"Yup, my office is right behind the photocopy shop-the one with all those college teams banners stuck on the walls"
"Alright then, I ll drop by and say Hi"
"Ok cool"
"Hey did you say K(my fellow GA) was going to be in today??"

Oh,or this:

Midnight 2:30 My phone rings.My roomie tosses.I make a dash for thephone.
"Hey, were you sleeping?"
" WHAT??"
"Oh,so you were sleeping is it?"
"Yes you moron"
"And I woke you up??"
"Hey, are you fully awake??"
"Hmm.. yeah "
"Ok, bye then, my job is done then.I am switching off my phone.Talk to you later.Good night!!"

Hmm,if you would think that having someone in UC who lived half a street and 2 apartments from YOU in Trichy would be fun get this.

In a gang:"Sang,who was your first crush"
"Hey, my first real life crush was this greeting shop guy,across the street you know"

*loud guffaws*

"Hey, his name is ~A right? He was my neighbour.. he studied in.. his sister is now in... ..bla bla blaa. . his mail id is bla bla .. guess who will look like a fool when I tell him all about what u did .."

Or this :

" Yeah, so anyway, that couZ I dont like, came online today, and I escaped to invisible mode you know"

"What? you did this to V, my school senior? How cheap of you sang! Well, anyway now he is in bla bla right? How is his bro doing? Its been a long time you know.Is he back from the trip yet?"

Hmm, the thought that anyone can give Mr.Fitting Kumar himself a run for his money, is unimaginable right?Our Mr.G does a very good job of it.Ask him how was the game today, and he will launch into a tirade and UC "out of the world"defence ploy,even when the Bearcats were ambushed by Kentucky.

Ok now, have I told you guys about the "Can I borrow a quarter" story?Or the football story? Oh well, I am hungry now.So someother time.As I said,Any references to the words"Coercion","Chipotle" and "Treat"are purely coincidental and does not mean what you think it means.
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