Saw Hitch. Hitch as in noun, not as in verb.

Well, it was cheesy in a lot of parts, but then overall, I did enjoy it.

My lethargy has reached new levels, to the extent that I have started attributing all my lack of motivation to "gradschool end-of-the-year burnout syndrome". I really dont care, I sleep until noon, bunk classes, eat like a pig and sleep like a donkey, shout at my mom over international calls and think about why suddenly everyone around me is married/engaged/committed/expecting a baby/gay.

And oh, it happened. I must admit, I didnt see this coming. I mean, all people around me were getting married and all, but it did not hit me hard, until I saw this mail sitting in my inbox."I AM GETTING ENGAGED". It was from someone in the gang.I mean, it hits you hard.Yesterday we were this bunch of people shouting outside MB at odd hours and getting reprimanded from Mbans. And today, one of us, is actually getting married. Man, I tell you, it is a huge deal.
But yes, it is sort of like this "Monalisa Smile" movie. I am happy for her.
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