Yes, the past few weeks have been really good.But my dear lappie has decided to take a break from the outside world.That,coupled with an exponential increase in the "laziness co-efficient"of yours truly, explains the long absence from blogworld.Well,not quite.

So anyway,the past few weekends have heralded an overdose of Indian stuff.It began with an ISA(Indian Students Assoc.) Holi bash - good food, singing and dancefloors.The next week saw me sit through an abysmally boring Bharatnatyam performance.This weekend,I, armed with a new haircut ,hit the dance floor(although I was late enough to miss the free food), and joined the singing with our Desi DJ , flown in all the way from Atlanta.Sunday was marked by, standing in the line for what seemed like eternity to get some really insipid food that I had lost all appetite for.I then hosted Jayanthi Kumaresh(I was tempted to tell her a lot of times, how I have shamelessly lech at her hubby, and missed tests at BITS just to see her hubby in concert!!!), and compered a really awesome Jugalbandhi of the Veena and Sitar(by Gaurav Mazumdar).

Well, with the Internship just round the corner, my already waning study hours are almost non-exsistent now.Correspondingly, the number of absolutely heinous movies I have watched lately have increased.Sometimes I wonder why I subject myself to movies like "Devadayai Kanden".Well, of course I get awfully pissed seeing such movies, and not only that,well,the discussion that ensues,does nothing good to my already strong opinions about how MCPness is ingrained in the Indian culture.

I mean it is absolutely horrendous, to see this one thought echoed over and over again, in various ways - comedy, or songs or the "thathuvam" part of Tamil movies. The college guys, preferably a large gang of them,sitting on a "kuttisuvar", catcalling all females. Along comes a bearded guy, and immediately one of them has to say this "Oh yes, you know you should never trust girls, they always flirt with you and leave you in the lurch.They roam around(in bike) with you, eat free food, and finally, there will land a guy from the US(please note the point, it has to be the US, not Australia not UK, always US!!!) who her parents think is a good match, and zoom, she comes to you with her invitation card, and also promises she will name her son after you.You have seen many Devdases in history, have you ever seen any female devdas??"

I could go on for pages and pages, about this thing alone, but I'd rather not.Over the years I have learnt that there as many female MCPs as there are male feminists.I mean, it takes all types to make up the world.What I dont understand though, is how movies such as these, and dialogues like these are met with furious cheer from even the urban tamil population.It just reflects a very skewed outlook of a society at large.

And makes me much more cynical of Tam men than ever.
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