The ride is scary and bumpy.I have been scared of roller coasters all my life. It is exhilarating when you see someone else on it. When you are aboard, I guess it is sweaty plams, and eyes closed shut in fear. Well, not always, too. I remember this one time, I went with a couple of my friends, on a giant wheel, when we were still in high school. Of course, it took a lot of coaxing and cajoling to get me go with them. The first few times, I thought I would fall off the giant wheel, into the busy street onto some nameless car.But then, slowly, I knew they were there for me, and were holding me tight, making sure I feel safe.I even dared to squint my eyes a wee bit, just to see how high we were.

The wheel went up, and way up, and then it stopped. "Open your eyes Sang, Look at the city, it is soo beautiful!!"

"What? are you crazy? What if I fall off? What if , well.. we get stranded mid-air? What if I throw up on you guys? And look, it is going to go down any minute now, it is gut-wrenching guys, its not funny!!"

"Look, the wheel is stationary now, open your eyes and just let yourself look, we can worry about the rest later"

And I did.

The moment was beautiful. I inhaled deeply, and tried to take it all in at once. I tried to delude myself, that it would be like this forever. And then the roller coaster started falling. It was gut wrenching, yes, but I was so thankful I got through it, thanks to them. I was so happy I got a chance to ride.

(Years later)

PART II : Bungee trampoline ?? Seems very exciting, but that somersault mid-air might make me throw up .....
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