Spammed inboxes? Spammed message boards? And now spammed blog comments !!What is the world coming to !!!

You wake up,and log on. And just when your fingers get numb from deleting all your bulk mails,you rush to blogdom for a healthy respite. But what do you see ? More investments, houses,mortgage and cars !! Makes you want to beat the shit out of those little bots sitting on the etherworld, and strangle 'em to death. And maybe spearhead an all-out attack on these creatures, a la "War of the Worlds", only , I would be the cool geek who can do it all from a dark,gadget filled room full of junk food and nerdy CDs.

Naa, who am I kidding, let me get back to my comfy chair and continue to surf the net. Someone, somewhere, is engaged in a feirce spam-fight, right now. I dont want to deprive them of their glory in the geekdom.

Until then , Oh ye Dark Spam Gods, spareth me !!
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