Top 8 ways to weather a dry spell , you know, blogging-wise :

8. A long silence. And then a paragraph about how busy you have been lately, asking the readers to hold on.

7. Photoblog : This way you don't have to fill the space with words, you see. Plus, didn't someone say a picture is worth a thousand words?

6. Take one of your half-written drafts, rehash it, add a paragraph about when, where and why it was written and post it.

5. "There is this interesting forward that you guys should read" - always works. And then two months later, the original writer chances on it while googling for his own story, visits your blog, and posts a comment, asking you to remove the post. You, go back and "duely acknowledge" him,link up the URL, and let it stay on your blog anyway.

4. Post a collection of links , which you think are "insightful", "funny" or otherwise "thought provoking" and ask the readers to "please take a moment to read this".

3. Write a paragraph about latest happenings accross the world, but give up in the middle, due to ,well, you know,writer's block, and do a readers poll on this "hot issue".

2. Play with the blog template, tinker it a bit, and post about it.Don't forget the punchline "Readers comments welcome".

1. And the Top thing to do : Meta-blogging. That is, Blog about blogging.How you started it, how each on is different in his/her own way, how you can never be funny, how you can totally identify with xyz's blog even though you are total strangers... well, you get the drift !
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