A por ellos

If you are like me, you've been glued since Euro 96. You've had your heart pounding everytime hot boy Raul Gonzales scored. You've hoped against hope that the team qualified, amidst being in the "Group of Death" in WC 98. Your hopes hit rock bottom after the the Nigeria game and your hopes soared high after they thumped Bulgaria 6-1. When Raul missed the penalty shootout in Euro 2000 you've wanted to kill him. You switched off the TV when they lost to France 3-1 in WC 2006, and promised yourself that you would not get your hopes high. Not for these guys.

But then came Euro 08. You caught sneek peaks at restraunts and news clippings, but you didn't let yourself get into it. Never watch a full game, you told yourself. And then came super-Sunday. You did yourself proud, never once did you glance at the TV. It doesn't matter, you told yourself. I am over it. And then, the casual glance. Voila ! Torres did it ! You couldn't believe it. Offside ? No. Any chance it was a dream ? No. They did it !!!

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