Haran is coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yipeee!!!!!!! I am so happy... to hell with all prententious literary high flown crap. Today I am in my element. And why not.. One of my dearest friends is gonna be here tommorow!!!! And..I ll be meeting most of the gang in may , june ,july. Oh.. I havent told you about the gang.. My Gang used to be my world.. (I still want it to be... but they want me to move on.. and get on with life.. Which I am trying to do in all honesty....) My gang is my anchor, cushion... everything. Each one is truly special in his/her own way.

So, Haran is truly one of the sweetest people I have met, he is widely popular in my college... and has gals of all ages going ga-ga over him.. He could easy have been the most flipped-for guy in 2000 batch(I can vividly picturise the ugly smirk -cum-grin-cum-blush on his face as he reads this!!!!). People, hold on.. the Casanova status is not easy to come by or hold... you have people commenting on your dress,clothes,shoes(or the lack of it.. as Miss Snob said once!!!!) and just about anything in you... For a long time.. there was a poll going on in the 2000 batch as to whether or not... hold your breath... he is a virgin.. .and there was another time.. when someone went about spreading rumors that... this is a hilarious one... haran is gay!!!!! He used to flip out at all these.. not anymore....after all ... all of us have grown from a bunch of wary,seniors-tripping-shy second yrites.. to a bunch of "rational,level, headed decisive" adults...(Kola.. i can hear u rolling with laughter!!!!!)
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