It is not funny

Really.. working at insanely late hours in the office doesnot do any good to you.. except for the fact that you are too goddamned tired to think of where your life is going.. or why you are 20 and still sadly single. One of these days my eyes are gonna pop out of my head and cry "please.. no more comp!!!!!"
My eyes by now are probably thinking ... What a waste ... with all the things in a whole wide world to see and enjoy(not to mention lech at !!!) staring at an insanely dull computer screen.. what a waste!!!!
Heights of exhaustion... Heights of insanity.. thats what my life is these days... Sleep the traitor eludes me pretty much alwayz. I have stopped thinking about my lack of sleep long ago. Some people's unique gift to sleep soundly.. not me!!!!!
pObably the only semblance of a normal living being in me is food.Whenever possible I have good food... sometimes healthy too... today was a PS mates treat.. we had gone to casapicola.. and what a delight it was... the pasta and those exotic sauces with the garlic bread!!!! one of the very few things in my life worth savoring these days is food.. God Bless good food...!!!!!!!!
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