My Blog goes public !!!!

Oh..So after my poor grey cells(ok!!! whatever little I happen to have!!)worked overtime decided whether to let people see my blog, I finally took the plunge yesterday. I would say though, that the feel was different. It is kinda different when you know people are gonna read what you write.(Although eventually I was gonna make people read mine.. like it or not!!!) Anyways, Blogging is like singing in many ways.Maybe those early days, when I had just started performing, I used be conscious of the audience. Not how they would react or anything,but just the fact that they were there, and my music was reaching them.But then I used to just close my eyes,and then everyone would melt into oblivion, including me.
So,thats pretty much what I am going to do now too.

I created a tag board in the site today. Want to do much more. How I wish I had some respite from work during the day to do all this!!!!anywayz.. I really wish more of my friends would start blogging. It is an amazing way to keep in touch.

This weekend is going to be another lazy one.Want to see yuva. Lets see. Every single week since we started PS.. there would be discussions for plans for the weekend. And not even one of these weekends have we actually done anything.. So it was "nandi hill's"
turn this weekend. And of course, nothing is up till now.

Will be back with more soon. And... I love orkut !!!!!!! It is the best thing that has happened to be in a long while.. and my dull and uneventful life!!!(Oh.. this time I really mean it ..!!!!! ok.. I ll hold it there!!!!)

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