Oh.. today was a sexy saturday.. except that I could do my usual "Dead to the whole world" sleeping routine.. Oh. for those of you who dont know... My body clock works like this.. My brain just refuses point blank to sleep well most days. Only on saturday afternoons do I sleep like I am practically dead to the whole world. There was a screw up in meeting Haran. So I didnt actually meet him until late evening.Good he will be here for lot of time. So lazy me .. Not yet decided whether to go to chennai and meet the gang and attend kolas sisters marriage.
Oh.. we had been to FORUM... Bangalores answer to spencers.
And at every darned store kept bumping into BITSians.. But having been a whole planet away from fellow beings of my species I am not the one to complain.. not by a long shot!!!!!!!!
Tommorow I might just go out with parents to lal bagh.. you know its funny, having stayed a stone's throw away from lal bagh I havent visited the place much. There is also work piling up at office. Conscience tells me to get up early and go to office.. but the BITSian in me says "sack out.. big deal maan!!!".Anyways there is not much I can do abt those bugs.. I rationalize... But what if my guide expected me to slog the weekend... what about client review.. what about conversions?
yes.. But what about the accumulated sleep debt? what about just lazing around and not fight sleep at 2 in the weekday afternoon fighting back those yawns and very fibre of ur body try to doze away to glory.... !!!!!
ok fyne!!!!!! stop it you guys.. as usual.. whenever in doubt..guss work!!!!!!!
Big deal maan.. of course!!!!!!!!!!!Sister as usual claims comp... Shall be back soon!!!!
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