So, I claim to be a blogger, and all I can come up
with is a sad peice of writing,not even fit to be in
a personal diary??? No!!! (Did you just think of Joey's Thanksgiving turkey days!!! YES!!your are right on target!!)

Anywayz, today might be the last PS activity, with the
Instructor coming in to conduct a GD.As I last heard,
the topic was some technology day or something. Oh!!!
I just realised!!!No, not what tech day is all about ,
but that this might be my last BITSian component !!!!!
Oh my God!!!!Hm.. but I am not feeling anything. It is
like I underwent some sorta primitive soul-cleansing
to rid myself of any emotion attached to anything.
That, my friends, they tell me is,Nirvana!!!! Okay I
can crap away to glory, but I wont.

Bangalore climate is amazing. It is raining furiously
now. This my rate as my best summer,given that my 3
previous summers were in the middle of a desert in
nowhere... and mercury notching up a half century is
not unusual.(Yes.. that is 50 degrees for you!!!!).
PS is coming to a finish.. Didnt even realise how 6
months passed since I passed out of college!!!!

I will take a quick trip and remininsce last year.And
get back with some unbelievable things I did..(Hey hey
now.. dont let your imagination run wild!!!) like
My God!!!! It was as if someone or something had taken
over my mind and soul completely(Oh ok.. I know I
watch too much X-Files now!!!But this time I am
serious!!!)Oh ok.. just to go deep and explain some
things.. I am a person whose ideology says "Too much
ghoting is injurious to heath" Infact.. "Dont ghot
unless absolutely necessary" or something to that
effect!!!!! It was as if God said "I condemn(or bless)
you to the other end of the spectrum.. just to see how
it is!!!"It was nice being something else for a
while.. but I dont know if that is me.!!

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