I am ready to kill myself any time!!!!
Ok.. This is the deal. For months on a stretch I have been cribbing to whosoever listens, (or sometimes doesnt!!) about the fact that I am busy, while my other PS mate's duties include blogging,orkut, msn messenger,fowl words,anna karenina-on-net,Project Gutenberg(Okay.. now that sounds suspiciously like some cutting edge design and software development??? NO.. take a look at this bibilophile's delight at www.gutenberg.net )and netsends and phone calls,incessant SMS chat, corner house,2 hr lunch breaks, and one hr cofee breaks thrice a day!!!!!!!! You will not believe how earnestly this soul longed for that one day of rest- Meaning a day when you absolutely dont have work to do.(Because, I too happen to do the aforesaid activities.. but in those guilty breaks with the TOAD.EXE in the next window .. and the frog impatiently croacking away wondering why that cursor for loop was designed so pathetically..... Whoever came up with the story of the frog and the princess!!!uhh!! my story with this toad is not anywhere close to romantic.....not with my guide netsending me once in 10 minutes for a status update.. when I am not with him in his cube, in a meeting that is!!!!!)

But,my fortunes did turn.And.. fortuitiously.. It happened to be today of all days when that lucky break would come!!!!!But Lo and Behold!!!! I have been racking my brains(phew!!!okie why am I talking about a nearly non-existent entity now!!!)to come up with a good post.. because, officially I have de-allocated my memory that was occcupying LOBs and parsing, and varrays today!!! But no!!!! Nature plays traitor today!!! My brain just refuses to come up with anything creative.It is almost like when you are in the software industry, by default, someone installs a steath program in your brain, like a Trojan Horse,really(Okay....I learnt something in the 5 unit ME level "Network Security" course that I was supposed to be doing, in psenti sem!!!!) that insidiously eats up all your creative juices !!!!!!

I am going for lunch now.Hopefully will make that a 2 hour break today, make all those pending calls and have a good time today!!!
Will be back with more now!!!!
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