So, yesterday was good. We left early, went to Koramangala and had a nice time. Anyways there is a major career related business that is psyching me these days.I'd rather not post it on the blog now. Too bad that my message board part of the blog alone doesnt load here in the office :(
This week has been a very good week at office for me. After a long time!!!! I also started writing "100 things about me" post..Only to find I couldnt go beyond point number 6 !!!!!
You know, that has actually led me to wonder why anyone will be interested in reading through 100 things about me at all.. !!!
But if not for the sake of posting it,I should actually try writing this just to see if I can!!!! (This has led me to ruminate into why I cant write 100 things about me in the first place.. What would freud construe this inability as?? acute case of.. Ok ok.. I am going crazy!!! I ll stop!!!)I just have so many things on mind right now that I am afraid if I continue writing now.. This blog will turn into a TO-DO list!!! Now!! Thats sad!!! Bye folks.. I ll come up with something better soon..!!!!!
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