After a lot of unsucessful attempts to post, here I am.The fact that most my log-ins to blogger is in a vain hope of seeing a Gmail invite and of course the fact that the time I spend with my first love, the computer, has been seriously curtailed by the arrival of my sister from her idyll in swiss has not done my blogging much good either.

So my last minute running around for zeroxes and print outs, the typing and re typing of DS forms and the like herald another step in my life or career or whatever they call it.Actually, one could say that terms life and career could almost be used synonymously in my case,given that I cant claim to have much of either.

Okay,so here we are.24th is the D-Day.Come to think of it, the whole week promises to be very eventful.So folks,I know you are going to miss me a lot,but I ll be back to the blogworld soon.
And the next time I blog, I would have a clear idea of what happens next.Again,in more ways than one.

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