The race Part II

Barrichello - I
Trulli -II
Schumi -III

Trulli pits.So Ferrari 1-2.In a slightly different order though.Panis 3.Toyota good performance.Fisichella has a tyre failure and barely makes it to the pit entrance.Good news for Ralf, he is not in any serious danger.Schumi first again,thanks to Barichello's pit.Barrichello is all over Schumi.Amazing F1 show.Everyone is up on their feet.
A tense battle ensues.Coulthard lapped by both drivers.So avoids playing a part in this battle.Schumi goes quicker.

Montoya tries to close in on the Ferraris.Montoya is
Black-Flagged after his routine pit at lap 56,which means he has to go back to the pits,apparently due to team starting in spare car.(*whatever those FIA rules are*)and Montoya is out of the race !!(I can hear madhu spit out a string of expletives!!!)
Mark Webber out of the race too.Car rear on fire,transmission failure.Sato,needs another pit to finish,with 11 laps to go.Trulli and Sato battle again.BAR team out of the pits,so Sato trying to stay out there and keep Trulli at bay.Ferrari,meanwhile, seem to have got everything right.

Huge gulf between two ferraris.Fisichella is out giving a lame Minardi its first point.Four more laps to go.Sato might become the second Asian driver to stand on the podium.Last lap : No last minute mix -ups Ferrari 1-2 Sato 3.Schumi's 78th Gp victory. 8/9 this season.Tell me Schumi, doesnt it ever get lonely up there??Sato gets a standing ovation.Fantastic racing.

Wow !!! Blogging and F1 do go together after all!!!
Okay..feeling elated!!!

So acknowledgements time :This post is dedicated to two die-hard F1 fans who couldnt catch this race ..akka who is on her way back from a Swiss holiday with hubby(;-)) and madhu,who I know is swearing,in his place @Hyd.

And yes..!!!! I ll be there next year !!!!!

Heard in the background :Fading strains of German National Anthem .... and a thousand things in the to-do lists.. the DS forms, and CA statements ok ok.. back to reality!!!!

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