Here it is... The final 3 days.And could life *be* more hectic?
Yes,We are all enjoying our final days of running around with "no-dues" and reports..and,most importantly ..THE CONVERSION PROCESS.
Having lazily breezed our way to the end of the semester, we suddenly woke up to discover that we havent been intimated about the conversion.Subsequent run-ups to the HR,and we discovered the proverbial mix-up,a regular feature of our stay here.So,here is the scenario - 22 people and two interviews per person in a week.That of course means,trying to do a lot of stuff at the same time at our end,a lot of uncertainity till the end,and the usual side-effects of irritation and some Tee.

So,as I was doing something today I realised I might have a potential job interview tommorow.What!!!! I just discovered the PS mates around me ghotting away to glory.Oh before I continue,it is nothing new for me to doze till midday and wake up only to discover the entire wing ghotting for a test at 3,contributing to the already sky-rocketing summer temperatures.After some more of tossing and turning I would lazily pull myself out of the bed, and believe me,it took me all the inner strength to go up to some room and find out what course is it and and other related stuff like syllabus etc.Hungry by now,we would all go to the mess which would do nothing to my already irritated self.Finally settling down with some chips and *insert all expeltives you can think of* food we would start planning the evening and where to go in cnot(Oh, not that cnot is a major food court of all exotic cusines..but mind you,it really provided succor for us battered souls for 4 years)and what to have et all.

So its 2 o clock.Wingies start explaining some chapters to me.2 30 Some junior comes in, with a department timing problem.Work at 8, and she cant make it because of a wing treat.(Curse curse my earlier lectures to them about a sense of belonging to the department,being on time..bla bla bla).Before your realise it is 2 45.Sweltering,of course there is a power cut.We try to get dress(default :the nearest jean and T shirt you can find)and leave.Of course,we dont have cycles.Run run to the nearest junior and pile on something.Rush.Stop at Budh redi.Enjoy shikanji.Rush..But to where??*scratch scratch* what is the room number?
Ok think think.Which FD the course happens?? (*What is the course name again??*)Ok what is the faculty's FD?(*Cmon yaar it is not my fault if "maheshwari" happens to be a male name instead of female's !!!*)Fortutiously,a girl , an inhabitant of my block comes up.(Of course, we dont know she is also doing that course)She is shell shocked to find us in the Budh redi at 2 59.Ok,Rush.1209.(Who even knows those God forsaken corridors other than psenti-goers!!!)*puff puff*

Glance at papers.Start the crap.Go out at 3 15 to flex those tired muscles, and drink water,seeing the IPC entrance wondering of any of my friends would be there.Go back to the compree!!.More crap.I see Kola cooly sauntering up and get additional sheet..we both try our best to stop those horrendous guffaws.Get back.Line spacing -3.Write write.Get the extra sheet.Again stiffled laugh.Time is 4.(Me and Kola have this thing.. whoever finishes first meets the other in ,where else..IPC!!!)I think of those mails sitting in my inbox.
Ok fine.I give up.Not able to conjure up any more stories my "Karpanai Kuthirai" breaks to a halt.Give paper.Go out.Inside : Kola giggling away.Makes a sign for me to wait.Struggles to come up with something to finish that half-sentence.Gives paper.Comes out.We laugh our heads out.Ordeal over.NOW THE DAY BEGINS.Go to IPC.Come back.Gate call half the population-Have a blast in cnot.Go to SUB,have a ball in the department.Today late night perm.Go to ANC at 1.Gate crash.Come back to a wing laccha session or movie session.Sleep blissfully.Wake up mid afternoon..Another test??Oh not again !!!!!!

*Back to present* The Oracle book in my desk is still open.So are the headphones, playing BoneyM's Rasputin.After Orkut,epals,and Blogging,time is 12 50.Lunch time baby!!!!!
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