Mein deewana thera ban gaya jaane jaana !!!!!!!
Thats right !!! I got my headphones to office !!!
Finally I get to listen to uninterrupted music while I work.
Cerebrum and yaakai (Oh,find that out for yourself) are in UPS mode.Have to shut it down one day.Extreme lack of sleep and total exertion in the weekend.But was worth every bit.
KD and Haran had come home and we cooked !!!!
Also Haran got along a GLD and I was able to do some GNF.(Yup.. find that out too !!!Lazy people!!!).I just woke up from a "power nap".Quite surprised actually.I thought I could only do the huge heavenly Hippo nap..*insert a huge wail here* when was the last time I slept like a baby !!!!!!!(When I was a baby of course!!!!) Okay I will stop right here.
And yes..This is a banal sentence.Maybe I should make it my signature to avoid repetition "One of these days I will write a good post".Ciao in a few days if I am alive that is.

And oh !!! I finished typing (read as ccp-ing) my project report at 3 AM yesterday night.Thank god an otherwise boring night-out was saved by the online presence of fellow BITSian doing the same thing in Pune.That guy is a dear friend and also happens to be my
PS-I project mate.We had a nice time reminiscing our report typing(again,ccp-ing)
endeavors at Mahima's place,those trysts with the librarian who was adder deaf and so on.We just realised then, that our BITSian lives officially ended yesterday.Today that report has been formally(??)submitted.Yes.My last ever.And 4 days hence..I pass out of college.I cease to be a BITSian.People will call us "oh.. those ex-BITSians".And..Life goes on.It really does !!!!

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