I solemnly swear that I will wake up early.

I solemnly swear(!!) that I will come to office before 10.

I solemnly swear I wont take two hour lunch breaks !!!

And the list goes on and on. It is a long story.All through college I have been having these epiphanic bouts where I think I ll "reform" and metamorphose into something more palatable.Only after I joined Honeywell this January did I realise how stark was the difference between the planet we inhabited, and the "other" world. For example,waking up in the morning.My sincere attempts to metamorphose from a nocturnal being to a normal species goes something like this.

Night : It is 11 45 and your makkal are online.You are just deep in conversation about the poor fellow's woes with the fairer sex(!!LOL... I would like to think of myself as the gang's "Official consultant on crushes,relationships and related matters" with the ad tag line goes " Complete services offered on common ailments - friendships,growing up,wing problems,hanging out problems,relationships(local and long distance) and breakups,heartaches etc" LOL !!!!!)

1 30 : The guy launches into a detail of his trysts with his lady,starting from his sneaking out of his wing (at the risk of night-long rape sessions by his gleeful wingies,as he would discover later),those furtive glances as he walks towards MB,head tilted in a toughtful (??) pose as he seeks to avoid his city seniors and department mate gals, who are suddenly very concerned about why you missed yesterday's Mechsol special class( Thats for people blessed with the habit of attending classes.. Yes!!sounds hard to believe , but that species still exists!!!). Finally after about an hour of "aruvai" that (the guy hopes)
convinces them that he is here to borrow some lab records of MT II from a lab groupie of his wingie who has a test tommorow,the guy walks up to the chowkie to pass the gate call.
Our MB chowkiji occupying one of the top ranks in terms of KQ (Thats Kadalai Quotient, for you !!!) is sitting around the fireplace (heavenly in those cold Pilani winters I tell you!!!)with 5 other Didis who cant stop talking stories of how 10 years ago some girl in MB
eloped with a lokie, and how it led to family feuds and so on.Our Hero,too shy to interrupt him, curses his luck and contemplates going back.

He turns and boards his "bicyle" which needless to say,does not have any semblance of "road worthiness".He sees one of his bhawan seniors (one of those hardened "No-girls" kinda guy who claims presidentship to those MCP communities!!!) sauntering coolly upto our casanova chowki who by now is discussing how the orange saree looks good on our Kiran didi.Chowki acknowlegdes him, and goes to the microphone and gate calls that customary room number.Hero is shocked !! Mustering up courage for one final time, he also goes and mutters the lady's room number.Chowki barks at him and starts off reciting rules about how no gate calls are passed after 10 and so on.Finally the gate-call is passed. The interminable wait begins.

Half an hour later.Hero gets jittery.Some faint strains of someone saying "No pains No gains" is audible.He turns to leave, when our lady's responsible roomie comes out with those thick spectacles (it is ob that she has been ghoting for the past 5 hrs for next week's 5 mark SPM surpise quiz!!!!) and informs our hero that she has gone out for a wing treat.Time 10:45.Hero silently curses himself for this foray into unknown territories.He contemplates giving up on this stuff.For good."Hieeeeee" some one screams behind him.Our lady with the whole wing.Wingies cant stop giggling and murmuring excitedly.One of them even come up to our dude and asks "Is it true that you actually have her name written on your room walls"(Curse my wing enthu sessions!!!That traitor- my sidee!! for loud-mouthing about "truth-or-dares" to MB.. hero thinks!!)!!!!

10 50 Wing leaves.The guy and gal are finally alone.They fidget around for a while.Hero's head goes blank.He tries to come up with some inocuous topic.Finally they start about Sharmaji's alu dry. Beside them -A whole gang of some department is walking back from a huge treat.Noise reaches a cresendo.(yes.. that does sound suspiciously like what we do all the time!!!)"HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO GET BACK IN ON TIME " - Today happens to be one of MBans rare outbursts(I must hasten to add here, she is one of the most respected people in BITS,handling the onerous task of handling a 1000 inmates of MB with amazing poise!!!).Hero and heroine exchange good byes.

My computer clock reads 3 AM. I still havent written those CDs, havent sent those very important mails to univs and seniors.Havent yet made the commenting feature in the blog work.Havent yet read up on the SRS for tommorow's project meeting.Havent yet checked out testimonials at orkut.

Ever wonder you never see me at Honeywell's Mother Earth for breakfast !!!!!!!!
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