Oh..Watched "Hum Tum" yesterday.Nice,very nice.(Meaning very cuuuteeee in Venusian!!!)
A nice movie "When Harry met Sally" ..again, they had to make it dramatic,add masala,toss a few numbers here and there(although "ladki kyon" is haunting I must admit!!) and Indianize the whole thing!!!!
PS gets over in a few days!!I cant believe Bitsian life is coming to an end !!!
Last Friday was too good.We met up after Friday Blast(which was amazing!!!!and the whole honeywell was awed(??) but how much enthu we showed!!!) and sat in the steps,sang some songs,reminsced..wow!!!I guess that day, all of us were hit by the realisation that the best days of pur lives were behind us.
Those first year days,worrying about clashes in timetables, and not getting profs we wanted,sitting and religiously jotting down permutations on the Timetee book,seniors,ragging...we sure have come a long way since then !!!!
So maybe I should , in true BITSian ishtyle write out a long "acknowledgements" list.Reminds me of times in PEP where we had a huge notice wall and all of us used to write down some all these cute ones.. and some cleverly disguised stuff!!!
Will write a cool post some day!!!
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