It was some days back. And one of those days when you look around, and find a scapegoat to blog about. For want of a better topic,it was the turn of poor software industry again
God!! Some day I should write a good post!!!!(*bows head shamefully*)

So here we go again :

Top 10 Reasons to quit xyz:

1. There is no one in the place I know.. Those who I know are happily globe trotting or sacing out at home..

2. Only 2 lifts for 6 huge floors.. one of which has to be out of order everytime and you being in 6th floor have to wait till eternity to commute anywhere!!!

3.Food is stale and sucks big time.

4.There is not one decent restraunt or eat-out in a radius God knows how many kms.IIM was closed for vacation rendering cofee day inaccessible too:( (Ironic this,coming from a strict no-coffee person..But cmon, the pastries are heavenly(*a dreamy distant look in eyes*), and the place is like our dear old sky maan!!!)

5.So called FIREWALLS.. CANT ACCESS BLOGS AND ORKUT AND EPALS.. What are people supposed to do?? Die??

6. Work is either non-existent or painfully boring.

7.No one gives a damn,no one has a life,all around you see robots coming painfully late and staying up all nite.. So communication is a big problem between the 2 species..People who have lives and those who dont!!!!

8.All the usual "mind games and politics" (were you reminded of Phoebe's 3rd grade!!!!)

9.Home is a good 7 kms away, cant go and catch that afternoon nap.

10. No mails,no messenger,- parking lot was pathetic till
recently,which meant if u slighty overslept(which is an obviously regular feature in my life!!!) you had to park you vehicle in some god-forsaken no-mans land and walk for what would seem eternity.

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