Music playing in the background.Faint strains of past come floating by.Well , who am I kidding,I am feeling very nostalgic today.I dont know if nostalgia is a word that can be attributed to this.Because,it pains to categorize, to let go.To let go of the few things in life you let yourself become involved with.Damn, there is only one thing I want to write about right now.And damn, I know I cant..
I am congenitally ..WHAT?? Balaji's status is "Missing PS mates"!!!

Okay that is what started off all these lines .. but what?? wait.. He self trips himself with vidhya, again not unusual.. But.. Okay. .what was I saying?So yes, my life, and people, .. vidhya's status is "Someone please chat with me!!!" Ok now this is too juicy to let go.We start about their 4 hour "Kadalai Marathon" and then slowly graduate to blocking flights and air routes, and the VISA interview and

balaji :Stop chatting with vidhya,her attention is getting diverted !!!!
balaji : She wont chat with you now.Coz I have asked her not to!!!
Vidhya : Aaamam,avan solita maru peche ella !!!!
vidhya :aamam.. onnaku munnadiye inga ellam ccp aayachu !!!!

I start off in a desperate attempt to do KMH to these two
self-trippers.P comes to my rescue,we conference, and decide to give him hell !!!!! what an amazing chat session we had.. Two desperate self trippers (*winks conspirationally in the do-I-smell-anything mode*)who didnt want to be disturbed online.... and me and another guy doing KMH and piss the shit out of them!!!God I have never had such a great time.. !!!!!!!!!

And!!!P at purdue is guess what.. going to Indianapolis GP with his wingies,one from UMich Ann Arbor and one from UIUC !!!!!(*polambifies in jealously*) But hey, the good side is.. He has promised to take me to the GP next year!!!! Yipee!!! and it is only 2 hours from UC !!!Double Yipee!!!

See .. I told you I am congenitally incapable of writing anything but crap !!!!!
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