Saturdays are good.We did the shop-till-you-drop routine.
It is nice when u get to shop for someone on someone else's dosh in Allen Solly,West side,SF and the like..LOLZ !!!!

Okay..this is explanation time !!!For the Venusian,it is the act of shopping that is more "fulfilling" rather that whom you shop,how much you shop or what you shop.Ok,Martians ...if you didnt get what I am talking about maybe you should skip this and come back to it when you have a girlfriend 1.0 or wife 1.0 installed on your system!!! Okay that was a bad take-off from some forward I found in.. guess where.. another fellow's blog!!!!:))Wow !! whatever happened to a term called "creativity" !!!!

Anyways, on a different note,tommorow we are planning to cook big time!!! Two of my friends(yes!!! Thats right!!! I have a life too!!!after 6 dreary months..!!! yes yes yes!!!!) are coming home.

The next week is going to be the toughest and the most important in all ways.God!!! I ll be very relieved if I can finish off the mountains and mountains of stuff piling up!!

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