I am leaving on a Jet Plane

Or in this case Air India(*giggles at the bad humor*).I know it is still a month before this post is due.I also know it makes no sense to post the lyrics of this song here.It probably has no relevance( Of course, I still think the movie was "sho sweeet" and that it is actually very romantic to have visions of that scene in "Armageddon" with Ben Affleck(*wow**drools all over the place*) and Liv Tyler(me in her place of course!!!!))
But still, I would post it here for what bitsians call "Gen enthu".

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But the dawn is breakin', It's early morn,
The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could die

I cant bring myself to post the rest , for reasons hitherto unknown.Anyways, all you starstruck people can read it here.

I try spontaneity.I try humor.But,if I go any further though I am afraid we will tread dangerous waters, in that this post will become a big "to-do" list,which is the only thing that comes off the top of my head these days.Cmon!!!With a truckload of things to be done before I leave, I cant come up with a decent post.(Yup!!! here we go again...!!! Maybe this site should be called "bahana unlimited " instead of "musings")But this time, I am just posting samples of some things that I wanted to post about.Some snippets.Sorta like a spoiler if you will.

1. I feel sorry for having pushed it over the edge.It could stand me no more.So,xp is out of my life.I had a closure.I am back to good ol' Win98.That means Xfiles themes - cursors,icons,and a beautiful boot music that reaches deep down.And brings me memories of a year ago.They were three months that transformed my existence-may,june,july 2003.For that matter august tooo.For that matter the whole of 2003 was a wonderful year for me,in more ways than one.

2.Why is it that I just cannot bring myself to write the "100 things about me" post.Sometimes,I feel you have to be a megalomaniac to write one.Or a self-obsessed snob.Or just a normal person.I happen to be none of these.That explains all my failed efforts to create that post.Or,maybe I ll just ask my frenz to do it for me.yes!!! That seems a nice idea!!! Why didnt it strike me so far??

3.I just finished reading "The Alchemist". It is one of those books that talk to that part of you.The part that you have been trained to ignore.The part of you that dreams.A part that is deemed unimportant,childish or impractical. I think it is one beautifully written piece.It did make a lot of sense to me.Another "must-read" that I would probably pester,nag,threaten,struggle,or plead my non-book reading friends to read.(I can hear them groan in disgust now!!!).Like "Men are from mars,Women are from Venus" or like"Doctors"!!!!!!

4.Mega CD writing sessions, and those irrational binges at Music World(Thanks to some credit point vouchers on Stan Chart!!) brought home one more thing I would love to blog in detail about - Music .To me means a lot of things.Most importantly it means memories.Almost all my favorite songs are closely linked either to a person or an event or both.It is a wonderful,beautiful feeling-the song, and the emotions.Maybe some day I will compile a list of those songs and memories.Maybe!!!!!
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