Blogger has added more features, the color,formatting,date,time changes,numbering,bulleting,quotes and mainly , the image upload (which , much to my chagrin,is still externally hosted!!)!!!!
Three people in the gang are coming this week, this combined with the others who are already here should make this week an interesting one.I got myself a new pair of glasses(Oh!!for all those visions of Preity Zinta in "Kal Ho Na Ho"!!!).Can only hope I dont end up as one of those thick-spectacled grannies one day!!!
Vir Shangvi and Ekta Kapoor on star world.A welcome change after three days of TV strike.!!!
"India's Child Genius Contest" !!! Utterly disgusting !!! At this young age!! These poor kids facing so much pressure, and even to the concept of winning and losing,parental spoon feeding and what not !!!When will this society ever let kids be just
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