I generally dont blog back-to-back these days.Reason, plain and simple, my life is not that interesting.But today, i really have to blog about some sweet people, who did very cute things.

I log in at around seven in the evening, and I chance to go to orkut.Sumi is the first on that list."Vetti ponnu !!! ensim pays you so much for being online all the time!!" I think...I go to her page, and Holy Molly!!! What do I see?? 43 scraps !!!! "Okay, so I was right about the guys stampede" I think, and open her scrap to see some juicy bits of gossip I can later trip her with.

Guess what I see, three of my closest friends, discussing about my Bday!!!! I was totally touched.These three chatted with such gusto about this on their orkut scrapbooks, that it resulted in orkut locking their accounts for "abuse".

I am really really touched at how much forethought and planning goes into my birthdays.I am really really moved to see people taking time off to plan and get me thoughtful gifts.You guys rock my world !!! Love you guyz !!!!! Anyways, to see these three culprits,who btw, were stupid enough to not delete the scraps click here. Culprit 1 , Culprit 2, and Culprit 3 ... and of course, the cute me !!!
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