It is quite amazing.Today I am playing this confused soul.A long call to a friend did clear up the haze a quite a bit.Then I chanced upon some blog, Lo and behold, there is a person who echoes my sentiments - EXACTLY.I mean it is amazing how a faceless,nameless entity who you absolutely dont know anything about, can make you feel you are not alone.And provide some solace,if not answers.(I found this on those blog-hopping sprees from sud's blog,who btw,has decided to co-author a book titled "Zen and the Art of kadalai" with me!!!Imagine that!!!if you cant maybe you should stroll down peoples scrap books on orkut!!Sorry suds,but these days I have not much else to blog about you know !!!Anyways,Hail blogs!!! It really really made a difference to my living.In more ways than one.
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